Congrats to an Ideal Student

We want to send a very special congratulations to recent Eastside Memorial High graduate and Anthropos alumni, Anthony Gilbert, for earning the Emerald Eagle FULL SCHOLARSHIP to the University of North Texas!

Anthony is a 5 year student of Anthropos – starting in 8th grade at Dobie Middle School on flute, moving to alto sax, then guitar at Eastside Memorial.  On stage with us, you may have seen Anthony ripping guitar solos, holding down the groove on bass, and leading the horn section  - all in one show!

We couldn’t be prouder of Anthony, who has overcome a lot in his life to achieve his goal of attending one of the top music schools in the country.  Many thanks to the Anthropos mentors and colleagues that helped encourage him along the way.  We wish him the best!

“I want to come back as a mentor for Anthropos, and tell these young kids that their hard work will pay off.  It won’t always look pretty, but in the end, it’s so worth it!”

- Anthony Gilbert, Class of 2011, Freshman at North Texas University.


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